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Wild - Aroma Nativo

Wild - Aroma Nativo

Introducing the black series, a place for coffees that don’t quite fit into our normal line-up. Whether they are a bit too wild, a bit too floral or just a bit too expensive, these will always be outstanding coffees.

The second release is the complete opposite of a ‘normal’ coffee; a Honey Lactic castillo processed by Luis Marcelino from Aroma Nativo. Luis is well know in the competition coffee circles and his coffees have been taken to the world stage multiple times. The lot that we chose is incredible in its clean florality with lots of bright citrus notes. 

This castillo is first fermented in an anoxic environment for 120 hours, after which it is pulped and fermented again for 36 hours. For the second fermentation, Luis inoculates the sealed tanks with a lactic bacteria that was previously used to ferment his geisha in. This coffee is the perfect example of Luis Marcelino’s skill as a processing specialist. We have a very limited amount of this amazing coffee, so get it before it’s gone.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Acevedo
Farm: Aroma Nativo
Producer: Luis Marcelino
Variety: Castillo
Process: Honey Lactic

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