about replica roasters

Replica was born out of a passion for doing things our way and sharing it with the world. After about 20 years of combined experience in coffee and food, it was time to do our own thing. With replica we want to create a playground to share our passions with you, be it coffee, food or just good vibes.

We focus on consistency in quality and service, hence our name replica. It is something that we missed most in the coffee industry and pushed us to start our own project. We aim to bring you high quality coffee that is consistently great. With our Stronghold S9X it is possible to replicate our favorite roast profiles time and again.

We believe that every company has, above all else, a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future for our planet and the people living on it. We aim to have the lowest possible impact on the environment and the highest possible impact on the lives of the people at the roots of the coffee supply chain. 

We believe that if more people buy coffee that’s sourced socially and environmentally sound the world would be a better place. We aim to source everything surrounding replica this way, as well as repurposing and reusing at every opportunity. 

When selecting our coffees, we only work with a selected few suppliers we trust deeply. We know that they put the coffee producers first. We make sure that for all the coffees we purchase, the farmer gets a fair price that supports a comfortable livelihood. We aspire to only buy coffees traded through a fixed price system.

When choosing a roasting machine, we decided that going fossil fuel free is the only way forward. Roasting on the fully electrical Stronghold S9X allows us to use 100% local, renewable energy produced by the sun and the wind. Having our own source of energy will be the next step in this process.

With every decision we make as a company, we aim to move closer towards a fully circular economy and close the loop.