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We are thrilled to share Horizon with you for the second time. You all really loved it so we got our hands on the new crop and it is as great as the last. This coffee has a beautiful flavor profile of peach, black tea and vibrant citrus fruits. It’s literally just like drinking peach iced tea. It’s so good you can expect this coffee to be part of our line up year after year. 

Horizon must be one of the most beautiful sites in the Southern Province. The small 3 hectare area sits long in the valley with steep slopes surrounding it. Pineapples grow on the verges and avocado trees line the walk down to the site. It sits at 1680 meters but the farms surrounding the station are much higher up, closer to 2000 metres. 1200 farmers contribute cherry to this station from farms that are all within 2km from the site. The average farm size is 7000 trees (3ha), and some have only 100 trees, amongst other crops.

All 1200 farmers are members of the Agribusiness Training Program. Farmers receive organic fertilizer from the station consisting of recycled cherry pulp, which is fermented with lime and molasses to create EM2. 

During the off season Fidell, the station owner allocates part of the land to four cows as pasture. He is planning to slowly increase the number of cows for two purposes. First, they are planning to use the dung as supplement to add to the organic compost. Besides that, they want to use the cows for dairy production for the local farmers and the families of seasonal workers. 

The station has become a positive addition to the community in the work it provides for the local people. 94 people are employed by the station and 70% of staff are women. 

Origin: Rwanda
Region: Huye Mountain
Washing Station: Horizon
Producer: Various smallholders
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed

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