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Las Perlitas

Las Perlitas

Las Perlitas is the first coffee we source through our partner The Coffee Quest. While we were looking for a new coffee to introduce into our line-up, this lot just blew us away with its fruity yet very clean cup profile. We were looking for a natural processed coffee at the time, but we liked these flavours so much that we ended up buying it anyway. This is the story about these little pearls as The Coffee Quest tells it:

What happens when multiple farmers produce excellent Micro-Lots, but not enough to make up for an entire lot? The answer is: Las Perlitas. In Spanish, Las Perlitas means Little Pearls and throughout the harvest, it’s quite common that small-holders in Colombia produce lots that aren’t large enough to be exported on their own. However, the quality is often just as good (or better) than samples received from larger lots. As such, we buy all coffees, regardless of size and create a larger, export-size lot based on cup score and profile. 

Las Perlitas group lot celebrates various small lots from producers in Huila, Antioquia and Nariño. whose farms range in elevation from 1,600 to 2,000 m.a.s.l. and grow Pink Bourbon. In most versions, there is usually a mix of varieties, which include Caturra and sometimes Geisha.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm: Group lot
Producer: Smallholders
Variety: Various
Process: Washed

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